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Dear Annie,

I Hate You.

“Dying is scary, missing Spring Break is scarier.”

An absolute visceral navigation of writer/actor Sam Ipema's life when she was 20 and suddenly diagnosed with a fatal brain aneurysm..."Annie". Living and breathing inside the moments that make up the sum of these fateful decisions, Sam deftly attacks the question:

what does make life worth living?

Tickets Available!

ZOO, Playground 2
Edinburgh Fringe



August 2-25

The Story

Have you ever thought about how you were going to die?

At 20 years old, Sam was thriving: Her life was full of friends, fun, and most of all- possibilities. She could be anything she wanted to be. Until a fateful day that a hit in the head and diagnosis changed her life forever: the discovery of an aneurysm ticking inside her head. Suddenly, Sam's life spun from full of possibilities into a spiral of life-and-death decision-making that left her gasping for air. Trying her hardest to stay afloat above the water and live the life that was supposed to be guaranteed to her, Sam is now telling the tale and what she's learned nearly a decade later.

web copy - dear annie i hate you_edited_edited_edited.jpg

from the

"Anyone who has experienced a monumental life-altering event knows this story."

 - Screencraft Fellowship

"We've had a few pieces tackle similar themes of mental illness, hallucinations, "imaginary friends" and the like with a dramatic angle but this show manages to make it feel fresh and personal, engaging audience empathy in very visceral ways.”

                                                                     - Big Break Contest, Semi-Finalist

"I feel it's a safe bet that more than a few of us have found ourselves in this situation: sitting on the concrete, trying to gather the threads of our day after everything's been blown apart."

                                                                               - Shore Script, TV Contest

“The humour never attempts to shy away from or diminish the pain of Sam's ordeal; it's just a natural flow entangled in every absurd moment because sometimes (in fact, often) pain and illness have an inherently absurd quality to it…”

                                                                               - Diverse Voices, TV Contest

"Fleabag, with health issues."

                                                                                                       - Stage 32
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